Creating your blog or Website is wishful thinking of many, and people do it efficiently, but when it comes to ranking that Website on a google search engine, many fail to do so. Ranking a website is the same as a person opens a shop in a market, but now he needs to be as much prominent that people notice the shops and come to visit the shop.

To make this possible the shopkeeper tries to put the name of the shop attractive, the main items in the shop will be according to the interest of people, etc. Similarly, when we want to increase website rank on a good position on a google page or any search engine, it is essential to apply some effective SEO techniques. There are several ways to do so, i.e., On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO. Here we will discuss the importance of an On-Page SEO technique to rank well in minimum time.

Important Meta tags

It is not recommended to burden your HTML code with a bunch of Meta tags. Using less but important Meta tags will optimize your Website well, and it will not impact your web page's speed. More the denser your code is, the more time your page will take to be loaded. So following Meta tags are recommended to use.

1. Content-type

It is necessary to describe the character set of every page on your Website. For example, either the web designer wants to use utf-8 or ISO-8859-1. The web designer of your site decides it, but we should keep it in mind while doing SEO.

2. Title

It is the essential Meta tag used in the web pages; it must use unique and user-friendly titles in the title Meta tags of HTML. The title is the element that is always considered very important to SEO techniques.



3. Viewport

We know most people visit the web pages from a mobile device rather than using laptops or desktop computers, so the viewport meta tag creates a good user experience by setting the web page according to its device. If this Meta tag is not declared, the user may have a bad user experience while using mobile.

Using Keywords effectively

After good keyword research, it is essential to know how to use our keywords effectively in web content. Keywords are not just used in the content; repeatedly, some critical tricks are used.

* Must decide a Keyword density ratio
* Use keywords into the SEO titles and subtitles of the content.
* Try to use them within the first 300 words of your content.
* Avoid overstuffing the keywords.
* Anchor text links are an excellent source to use your keywords.
* Use headings to stuff your keywords.
* URL of the page can also use for keywords


Developing a website is nothing unless we do an effective SEO for the Website. The cheapest and affordable SEO technique is that we use Meta tags and keywords rightly into our pages to match the users' search queries, and search engines can rank our Website.

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